Translations & Localization a Key to Enter a New Market

Translations & Localization a Key to Enter a New Market

The Baltica & Partners Localization Team has been improved in order to better meet the localization and language assistance requirements that go along with globalization and the increasing international business opportunities of today. Our team is specialized in language assistance services, as well as in additional complementary value-added services, thus allowing us to manage the entire business information life-cycle on the global market. We support all the languages of the world, particularly specialized in German, Swedish, Russian, Italian, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Danish, Polish. Ask for a free offer/quote now. That´s usually the first step you should do when exporting professionally internationally.


fair-tradeInternational Trade Fairs and Expos

Participation in international fairs is one of the most important tools for business globalization. We organize International trade fairs and expos for all of the worldwide markets. Also providing various layouts and “turn key” display techniques for your exhibition stand.


printingPrinting and Graphics

In order to complete the life cycle management of all your information and international communication needs, we offer the best printing solutions for all quantities and formats.



pressPress Office Services

Performing in complete synergy with the customer itself, as well as autonomously and independently, thereby allowing the customer to focus its attention on the communication strategies rather than daily operations.


techmanualDrafting of Technical Manuals. Translations.

Drafting technical manuals by specialized tech-translators. Documentation is drawn up from scratch or else using pre-existing texts, in compliance with the current EU legislation, while guaranteeing maximum confidentiality.


editorEditorial Services and Web Pages

Handling the entire production and distribution chain, publishing projects commissioned by publishers or advertising agencies. Highly professional static and dynamic websites can also be created based on the customer’s specific needs.


Baltica & Partners Localization Team considers Quality Assurance to be a fundamental aspect of its business and operates with Partners in compliance with a Quality Management system complying with UNI EN 9001:2008 , UNI EN 15038:2006 , UNI 10574:2007 and members of European associations of Translation companies.


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