Audit, Tax and Business-Plan Assistance in B2Baltic

Audit, Tax and Business-Plan Assistance in B2Baltic

In Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark and in the gateway countries Austria, Switzerland, Italy, we are experienced in helping operations set up and then assisting them to manage their financial and administrative affairs. B2Baltic includes:

Accounting, Business consultancy, Business Plans, Cash flow and profit forecasting, Due diligence, Audits, Business acquisitions and disposals, Business start-up, Commercial loans, Corporate finance, Payroll services, Personal tax services, Corporate tax services, VAT advice, Property Management Support. Read here more details about the corporate and finance facilities for B2Baltic members.

Moreover, if you want to start a new company and want to let your start-up and business grow inside an incubator with a trustworthy popular international partner, just work with the team of Baltica Partners and B2Baltic Social: read here more details.

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