Our works around Europe with our Italian master designer and furniture producers

Developing Residential and Commercial buildings.

Planning and acting according to ethics and sustainability is important to us. We are future-oriented, well aware of what today’s choices imply. Yet, we never lose touch with the past and with the knowledge and experience we have acquired so far. Covering 24 countries. Our architect designer is top.


Hotels Development

Janetschek & Partners is specialized in restoring, development, luxury restructuring of Hotels and professional hospitality structures. We think the best for your hotel guests and increase your next success. N.B. We will also integrate your Hotel inside B2BALTIC™ Community, then you will be inside prestigious B2B network for Nordic and Baltic. Contact us for more details and references about our works.

SPA & Wellness Development

With expertise in many European countries, top references and high architecture design ability by an Italian top designer. Furniture inclusive all the machinery for water cleaning and temperature control.

Luxury Shops Development

Janetschek & Partners is not only retail-network developer thank B2BALTIC Trade Platform, but it is especially expert in construction and luxury restructuring of prestigious shops thank master designers and selected furniture suppliers. N.B. We will integrate your Shop into B2BALTIC™, improving your image thank networking.


Malls Development

Shopping centers and malls have been designed on a surface area of 100.000 m² by our partners with more than 140 shops and restaurants. These projects claimed for high standards regarding integration of lighting and LED´s into the architectural structures. Various assembly technologies have been used to install aluminum profile systems.

Offices and Head-Quarter Development

Janetschek & Partners for Office World are specialized in new smart-design or luxury restructuring of office buildings, corporate head quarters and logistic centers. The challenge we always accept with great pleasure is to create a lighting solution to meet the all-purpose conditions of conference rooms and common office spaces, while supporting concentration and communication between people inside. N.B. We will also integrate your corporate activity into B2BALTIC community and promote your office/job inside our populated business network for Nordic/Baltic.

Medical Clinics development and beauty

We have a medical engineering and development branch specialized in renovation and restructuring of old hospitals and construction of private clinics, medical practice, dentist practice, in Europe, Nordic, Baltic States and worldwide. We also want to go on developing a successful European beauty center chain with medical surgery and Swiss franchising format (interested to collaborations on beauty business development with us? contact us).

Old Buildings Development

Since several years Janetschek & Partners are historically specialized in restoration and development of old buildings, monastery and ancient castles around Europe. During the renovation of ancient precious premises, much attention has been paid to the preservation of the frescoes, columns, doorways and mosaics.

Luxury Homes Development

Living is art. We care about the perfect renovation and luxury restructuring of prestigious apartments and villas from South to Nordic countries and Western Russia. The renovation of your place will increase your pleasure feeling to stay home. Our Italian and international master designers together with the best furniture producers of B2BALTIC™ are able to transmit the right feeling-home.

We know that our values, products, furniture and systems are essential and that each project deserves a unique style. Still, we are also open to an international and intercultural scenario, where we can give our values a new lease of life, respecting and enhancing nature and the locations we will have the honor to make special. Our business is not only a matter of goods and services, it also involves impact on society and on the environment, with a long-term perspective.


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