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This month devoted to doing business in Latvia, starting a business, company registration / formation, trade and import export. This year we talk about internationalization and initiatives involving Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, USA, new trends for social start-ups in B2Baltic StartUp Hub with concrete funding opportunity for childcare and elder-care, innovation & tech, plus restructuring and reconstruction of real estate for commercial purpose (retail, entertainment) in Riga. In this practice guide you´ll find important information you absolutely should know. B2Baltic Team is anytime ready to meet up personally in Riga.


Invest in Latvia

If you are considering investment in Latvia, here are some steps you may wish to consider as you get started:

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Register your company on B2Baltic Hub;

Join B2Baltic on LinkedIn, the most popular regional group in the Baltics;

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Current activity 2015 of B2Baltic in Latvia

Supporting Latvian professional to find partners abroad and increase export, providing free facilities as well, thank B2Baltic B2B networking groups (see GROUPS4U) and blogs, promoting Latvia worldwide;

Supporting Latvian Non-Profit professional industry (see our regional group) and helping develop new music & concert events in the Baltic States, connecting to international Music-Industry experts;

Developing Real Estate targeting renovation of old historical buildings in Riga and a new construction of a luxury retail mall (see experience Baltica & Partners), inside the project Luxury Nordic Hub (new partners/investors are welcome, otherwise you can propose your own building and your development idea);

Developing social family services especially oriented to elder and children care (new partners/investors can join us);

Why to invest in Latvia?

Over the last ten years Latvia has experienced an extensive economic growth in all sectors. The highest priority objective of the program is the direct foreign investments (FDI), which is the key to a fast and successful economic recovery. Latvia is NATO member since 2004. The strategic geographical position in the center of the Baltic area provides big accessibility to the large and rich Nordic markets.

Access to knowledge and skills

Latvia has highly educated and multilingual workforce, with a northern European culture and work ethic, historical developed business knowledge and experience with Russia/CIS. Workers here are ready to take on new challenges and, even more in the current circumstances. Employees are highly motivated. Latvia’s workforce is rated in the top five in the world in terms of university students per capita and possesses a northern European culture and work ethic, excellent skills and discipline. Over 85% of Latvians speak Russian; 70% of people under age 40 speak English; German and Scandinavian languages are also widely spoken.

Main attractive merger and acquisition opportunities around Riga

Renewable energy, ICT, Woodworking, Construction materials and industrial real estate offer high business opportunity in Latvia.

Where is Latvia


Invest in Latvia: Business for sale, property for sale

If you don´t want to create a startup, B2Baltic can provide you with a ready-made company with zero or positive financial records, as well as operational activities for sale including structures, assets, collaborations, contracts, clients in Riga. Ask B2Baltic Team if there is an opportunity suitable to you, or check out frequently our: companies for sale, luxury homes, investment suggestions. You can also join B2Baltic Investors Club of Baltica & Partners to acquire and develop commercial or residential premises in Latvia for local citizens or for B2Baltic luxury retailers.


In terms of logistics, Latvia is one of the best locations to establish a business in Northern Europe. Riga itself is the largest city in the Baltic States and is ideally located at the centre of the region. It´s European Union boarder with Russia, providing Ice-free ports, a fastest growing airport in Europe RIX which offers direct flights to more than 80 destinations, plus a well developed transport infrastructure in Riga free port. The Trans-Baltic highway (Via Baltica) connects directly to Moscow.

Free Tax Zones, Import Export, Latvia trade

Latvia has four separate Special Economic Zones (three ports and one inland). All are well connected to transport systems. Zones offer corporate tax discounts (as much as 80%) as well as 0% rates for VAT, customs and excise duties to companies setting up there. Special government funding programs are available to assist export-oriented business activities. Ask B2Baltic team the best zone and check out the ability of the logistic structures partners of B2Baltic.


Latvia’s labour costs are very competitive, especially compared to those in older EU member countries. Corporate income tax rate is among the lowest in Europe at a flat rate of 15% and dividends to EU citizens are not taxed. Personal income tax is also at a low flat rate of 26%.

Temporary residence permits

In July 2010 Latvia adopted a new regulation providing for additional opportunities for a foreign person to obtain a temporary residence permit in Latvia without the need to reside in the country for a specific period of time. According to the newly adopted provisions a foreign natural person may obtain a temporary residence permit on the following basis:
investment not less than EUR 35500 in a small Latvian company and EUR 100.000 for the rest; board member of a Latvian company which by the time of applying exists for not less than 1 year: payment of at least EUR 284600 to the subordinated capital of a Latvian bank; acquisition of real estate in Riga / or one of the larger cities of Latvia worth EUR 142300 or real estate worth EUR 71200 in other areas.

Information and communications technology

Latvia has one of the fastest telecommunications infrastructures in the world, providing companies seamless connection with customers and partners abroad. Indicative rankings include: 5th globally for average measured Internet connection speed (7.8Mbps) and 7th globally for broadband connectivity above 5Mbps.

Cost Effectiveness

Latvia offers significant cost advantages to investors, including competitive labor and real estate expenses, as well as competitive tax rates. Coupled with strong productivity in manufacturing and services, Latvia provides investors with a highly cost-effective environment for business, producing compelling returns on investment. In Real estate sector, overhead costs have decreased significantly in recent years, particularly for construction, office space and industrial real estate. You can use B2Baltic experienced lawyers to manage your real estate transactions.

Translations and localization in Latvia

The official language is Latvian, secondary Russian. However the English language is daily used in business place. When you need language support, B2Baltic team will provide you English Latvian translator in order to translate Latvian to English or other language, as well as editing and printing documents, assistance for corporate localization when you join fair trade in Latvia. Ask B2Baltic Translational Team to get in touch with you.

Trade fair in Latvia


The upcoming trade fairs in Latvia.

Ease of doing business

According to the World Bank’s, Latvia has one of the best rank in the world, 23 (in 2015), among the world’s most businessfriendly countries. Latvia’s strengths are demonstrated in the fields of registering property, paying tax, and trading across borders.

Starting a business  and get funding: B2Baltic StartUp Hub Riga

Thank B2Baltic Start-Up Hub and the Investor Club Nordic/Baltic, your project might find in Latvia fundraising opportunities and assistance by sales & marketing force on global scale. N.B. Local structures, local accelerators, domestic startup hubs, although able to integrate you inside the local market, sometimes do not provide your future startup with good developed international connections. Instead in B2Baltic StartUp Hub you will work together with European sales & marketing developers, high communications skills, open-minded attitude, high experience in big market-places like Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and USA. You can candidate your project now, is free.

Company formation and registration in Latvia

B2Baltic cares about all the tasks from company forming to registration, directory listing, VAT registration, accounting and financial support, as well as investor and fundraising search. Typically the formation costs for a new business LLC/LTD including register and notary fees are about 700-1200 EUR one-time, accounting about 700-1300 EUR a year. The minimal capital requirement in Latvia can also be 1 EUR. Each new startup is registered in B2Baltic Hub, get listed and promoted automatically by B2Baltic marketing team for the first year included.

Currency of Latvia

The currency in Latvia is EUR since 1st January 2014.


Riga Conference, the highlight business & political event in the Baltics

The Rīga Conference has taken pride in itself as the meeting place of local and global elites since its inception in 2006. In the past, it has been honored with the presence of countless heads of state, heads of government, ministers, NATO and EU officials, and ambassadors from all around the world. Over the course of the last years, The Rīga Conference has built its name and reputation. Highlights have included having the Prime Ministers of Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland together in the same room to discuss economic growth and international trading opportunities. Reserve your place for Riga Conference 2015.

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