Legal & Financial Assistance

Legal & Financial Assistance

Real Estate Legal Assistance

Buying or selling real estate in European Union, or anywhere in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark (the whole Baltic sea area) and Austria, Switzerland, Italy, is a major transaction which greatly impacts the lives of the buyers and sellers. Having an attorney assists with the legal aspects of the purchase, sale, or lease of a building or commercial property helps ensure that the real estate transaction is done properly and in the best interests of the buyer, seller, or lessor.

Acquisitions, Sales and Exchanges. Baltica & Partners assist members in the negotiation and closing of real estate acquisitions and sales, including the preparation of purchase agreements, conveyancing documents, financing documents, tax-deferred and multiple-party exchange agreements.

Leases. Baltica & Partners has a varied leasing practice in Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin, Copenhagen, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Milan. Our lawyers represent both landlords and tenants and have significant experience in leasing transactions, including retail leases, ground leases, office leases, industrial leases and subleases. We are pleased to have hundreds international retailers, registered, members and associated with us, as well as commercial office building owners and professional property managers as members.

Real Estate Development. Our lawyers assist clients in all types of real estate development, including shopping center, industrial, residential, hotel and developments. We have experience in the creation and operation of residential, commercial and mixed-use condominiums and planned unit developments, luxury development, construction and restructuring.

Financing. We represent clients seeking financing and also actively connected with many regional and international lending institutions. Our lawyers advise clients on current methods and alternatives in real estate financing and assist in the structuring and documentation of real estate mortgages, deeds of trust, contracts of sale and other financing transactions.

Partnership, joint Venture, and Real Estate Investments. We regularly are involved in structuring and documenting LLC limited liability companies, real estate partnerships and joint ventures, and our lawyers advise regarding the structuring of real estate investments.

International Business. In consultation with lawyers in our International Business practice group and foreign counsel, we assist clients with real property issues and projects abroad, including acquisitions, leases, secured transactions and lending, business plans, etc.

Corporate Law, Trade, Import Export

Methods of Doing Business. Lawyers in our International Business Group counsel clients in selection of business entity and assist in the formation of both domestic and foreign partnerships, joint ventures and corporations.

Mergers and Acquisitions. We represent clients in mergers, acquisitions, and similar transactions where one or more of the parties is a foreign entity or local.

Finance. We assist clients in arranging and documenting loans and other financing transactions with foreign lenders.

International Contracts and Licenses. Our lawyers are experienced in developing and negotiating contracts for the sale of goods, license agreements, and distribution agreements. In consultation with foreign counsel, we also assist clients in structuring contracts to comply with foreign law.

Tax Considerations. We advise clients regarding special tax rules applicable to international transactions, to noncitizens, and to citizens in foreign countries. Areas of expertise include formation and operation of foreign subsidiaries, foreign investment and investment in the EU, band transfer of property outside the EU.

Regulation of International Business Practices. Lawyers in our International Business Nordic/Baltic Alliance are knowledgeable concerning a wide variety of laws governing international business transactions, including foreign investment reporting requirements, export licensing requirements, and rules governing international protection of intellectual property.

Purchases and Sales of Businesses. Our experience includes representing both sellers and purchasers of privately and publicly held businesses in taxable and nontaxable transactions. Our lawyers advise clients regarding transaction structure and legal terms, assist in negotiating the transaction, prepare documents necessary to effect the transaction and handle closings. B2Baltic provides necessary advice on issues involving tax, antitrust, securities, employment, real estate and other law relevant to a specific transaction.

Financing. Experienced in helping businesses obtain both debt and equity financing for acquisitions and other purposes. Our experience includes bank and other institutional debt financing, work with debt and equity private placement financing, equipment leases, research and development limited partnerships, and public offerings.

Commercial and Contracts. Our partners are able to handle numerous cases involving commercial contracts in a wide range of areas such as the purchase and sale of businesses, utility contracts, contracts for the sale or development of intellectual property, construction contracts, and partnership disputes. We are experienced in litigating all types of cases including contracts for the sale of goods, security interests, loan transactions, banking, procedures and investments.

Technology Licensing and Distribution. Subject matter of these licenses may be a patent, copyright, trade secret, know-how, trademark, or a combination of various forms of intellectual property. Assisting clients with numerous foreign and domestic joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our lawyers have participated in organizing or restructuring major national and international distribution networks, and balancing and managing the many antitrust, technology protection, import/export, and other legal concerns raised by complex distribution arrangements, including agreements type OEM, dealers, distributors, and sales representatives.

Antitrust, Unfair Competition, Litigation. The firm provides lead litigation counsel in numerous antitrust cases, including civil and criminal cases.

Financial Services by Baltica & Partners

If you are looking at doing business in the Nordic/Baltic sea are (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Western Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark and through our partners also in Austria, Switzerland and Italy), it makes sense to work with professional advisers experienced in this field. Baltica & Partners Legal & Trade Team offers international services for:

  • Overseas businesses with Baltic/Nordic companies
  • Overseas companies with Baltic/Nordic branches or subsidiaries
  • Non-Resident landlords.

We are experienced in helping overseas operations set up in the whole Baltic sea area and then assisting them to manage their financial and administrative affairs. Our international services include:

  • Accounting

Accounting services are tailored to meet your needs and include bookkeeping on-site/off-site, annual accounts, which enables us to give you advise about taxation and business development, and management accounting, as up to date and current financial information are key to the smooth running of your business, monthly or quarterly.

  • Business consultancy

Dealing with owner-managed businesses, and as business owners ourselves, we are well-placed to offer positive guidance to business owners who want to achieve: growth, improvement in profitability, improvement in efficiency, improvement in financial control.

  • Cash flow and profit forecasting

Monitoring your cash-flow and forecasting future profitability are fundamental to effective business management and enables funding to be secured with backers and banks.

  • Due diligence

Due diligence involves a detailed investigation into the company being purchased: business structure, financial health (based on a detailed examination of past financial statements and an analysis of the existing asset base), credibility of the owners, directors and senior managers of the business, future potential of the business (reflected in the strength of its products and services, and the probability of earnings growth over the medium-to-long term), assessment of the risk (in terms of markets, strategy and likely future events), company’s business plan (in terms of how realistic it is, how solid the assumptions used and how well it conveys the business potential).

  • Audits

Provides valuable, reliable information to business owners. They can also be the starting point for an ongoing and constructive conversation about the future of your business. To carry out an audit effectively, we need to understand your business inside out,as well as auditing your financial records. This understanding is a key part of our philosophy of building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with our clients.

  • Business acquisitions and disposals

Considering acquiring an existing business, Baltica & Partners help you investigate targets and assess value, negotiate company purchases, conduct due diligence, complete the deal, get up and running with your new business and registration on the hub and all Baltica & Partners as well as B2Baltic business networks.

  • Business start-up and business-plans

Advise and full company setting up, registration into B2Baltic incubator and connection to several international business networks. Business planning and funding through our network of investors, providing a cost-effective and efficient company formation service for, new companies, shelf companies, unquoted public companies, limited companies LLC, unlimited companies. (see incubator scheme for new start-ups).

  • Commercial loans

We have access to a network of bank contacts and other commercial private lenders, investors or angel investors. B2Baltic can help you in securing the best deals around, also comparing the best interest rates and terms available in the marketplace, arrange the loans for you and save you money in the process.

  • Corporate finance

Through B2Baltic network of banks, investors, advisors and brokers there are a number of Corporate Finance areas we can assist: Equity Finance (Bringing co-owners into your business); Non-Equity Finance (there are a number of non-equity funding sources available and many factors need to be taken into consideration like Banks, Asset Finance, Trade Finance and Grant Finance. Moreover, B2Baltic helps your business with mergers, acquisitions and disposals, banks relationships and company valuations.

  • Payroll services

We can relieve you of the pressure of calculating, overtime pay, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay and all the other variables that arise. Alternatively, we can also provide training if you prefer to do it yourself, with an helpline in case you run into any difficulty.

  • Personal tax services

Planning your affairs therefore you take maximum advantage of all available tax planning opportunities. B2Baltic deals with all aspects of personal tax including: income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, Estate planning, revenue enquiries and investigations.

  • Corporate tax services

Looking after companies’ tax affairs is fundamental B2Baltic gives advice on a wide range of business tax matters including: preparation of corporation tax computations and returns, corporation tax planning, corporate group structures, business succession planning, sales of businesses and business assets.

  • VAT advice

B2Baltic offers a full and comprehensive VAT consultancy and planning service which includes: standard VAT registrations in our group of countries, VAT registrations for non-residency businesses, VAT refunds for overseas businesses, VAT refunds for Baltic/Nordic businesses overseas, also able to assist with queries on VAT in other EU member states.

  • Property Management Support

A key responsibility for landlords and managing agents of leasehold properties is to provide high quality, transparent service charge accounts, to demonstrate to residents and other interested parties the integrity with which service charge funds have been spent. Our range of Property Management Support services covers: Residential and commercial service charge accounting, Accounts for trading and dormant freehold and management companies, Annual returns and company register maintenance, Trust tax returns, Corporate tax returns, Specialist tax advice, Consultancy on practical issues.

For Baltic/Nordic businesses involved in overseas trade, whether you are already an importer or exporter, exploring new markets or just want to expand overseas, we also offer advice and support on relevant accountancy, tax and regulatory frameworks and other business issues.

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