Why Mentors are important for development of executives

Why Mentors are important for development of executives

Why Mentoring is Important.

Janetschek & Partners through B2BALTIC™ established the Mentoring Program for two reasons:

  1. when you have never had a mentor to advise, you feel that you have to learn things primarily through experience and observation instead of counsel at your side. Clearly having a mentor offers an easier, better and more focused path.
  2. we truly believe that mentoring is win-win model. It helps the executive become more proficient at her/his job, and it is quite good thing for the mentor to give back and share wisdom.

forbes-mentoringIt’s a complement to training. The training Baltica & Partners is primarily about functional things, the “How To” stuff that teaches us about the “manufacturing” part of our job (like making ads, writing decks, making presentations, understanding financials, managing capitals, starting a company).

Being a good mentor is a hard thing to do. It takes a serious commitment that takes precious time away from other important things – getting a job done, social life, family. It also takes an emotional commitment that is very much like parenting in its drive to help teach a child to be successful (even when the “child” doesn’t feel that he needs this guidance).

But mentoring is important and we’re committed to doing it with some of the best mentors in our group of countries, they joined us. If you are senior and not yet someone’s mentor, if you’re junior and don’t have a mentor, or if you are an enterprise searching for business coach for your executives and best employees, fill up the application and join the mentoring program, ready to start!

Janetschek & Partners´s mentors advise in sales & marketing, internationalization techniques, modern e-commerce, B-to-B, startup launching, financial, market research, film production, art & culture defense, PR & communications. They are multinational, senior managing directors and have high expertise in international business, technology, luxury trading, retail, banking, communications & diplomacy, real estate, startups, with proved successful track record. Available on site, ready to move for a while or online.

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