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Why Janetschek & Partners?

Janetschek & Partners is since 2000 a partnership based on a century experience in management, international trading and development of structures, involving some of the most competent and successful business partners and institutions in Europe. It provides the partners and associates with a wider concept of alliance between independent decision makers, smart  developers, venture capitalists and key-entrepreneurs. It involves Sweden, Finland, Western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, and DACH-I countries. In 2014 B2BALTIC™ the Nordic Baltic Business Community was also launched by Janetschek & Partners with relevant investments in Europe. 

Why you should work with Janetschek & Partners?

A good reason, they empower best business communities in Northern Europe, motivate and help relations. Growth-rate and numbers: 200+ partners,  4000+ tech companies, 7000+ retailers, 800+ venture-capitalists, 450+ marketers, 500+ realtors and builders, 300+ non-profit structures, 22.000+ registered members, 40.000+ business users worldwide, 4.000.000+ professionals in the circle. Incubators and Hubs work together: B2BALTIC REAL ESTATE INNOVATION HUB, B2BALTIC RETAIL HUB, B2BALTIC TRADING PLATFORM, B2BALTIC STARTUPS HUB, B2BALTIC SOCIAL, LNH LUXURY NORDIC HUB, B2BALTIC INVESTMENTS, ITALIA BALTICO TRADING CLUB, and the free-facilities devoted to Nordic/Baltic businesses. Best place to launch new businesses with global ambitions.


Where are Janetschek & Partners?

Partners full cover Sweden (Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg, Uppsala), Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius, Klaipeda), Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Khabarovsk), Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Munich), Denmark (Copenhagen), Austria (Vienna, Innsbruck, Linz), Italy (Milan, Genova) and Switzerland (Zurich, Lugano). As well as in other EU cities with multiple partnerships worldwide. Partners are mostly from Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Italy, Russia, but there is not a dominant flag or color in Janetschek & Partners.

Which benefits can I get working with?

You acquire a loyal business partner at your side, which shares with you the success of the whole B2B network and help you build your international market, develop your industrial product, or find the financial and human resource you need. The rich Nordics and the emerging Baltics are also since a few years the most suitable “start point” for distribution as well as for new businesses setting-up with global ambitions. The diplomatic relations and the open collaborations play an important role. The important connections with Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy create a new trading bridge in Europe, even bypassing the weakness of the EU. You may want to start a new challenging life in beautiful very attractive regions or travel much more. Why should you stay outside and miss everything?

Who coordinates Janetschek & Partners?

The team consists of developers, engineers, builders, facilitators, lawyers, traders, architects, designers, experienced international sales & marketing directors, over 193 business representatives. They have distinguished themselves as top developers in their own field. Team playing, taking responsibilities are main skill. Daniel Richard Janetschek started with structuring the partnership since beginning of 2000 when he was academic industrial engineer student. Since then, he has been the managing partner involving more and more international personalities of the European business and worldwide scenes.

Which facilities does Janetschek & Partners offer?

  • Commercial and residential real estate: development, negotiating, buying, transforming, selling;
  • Development of retail: malls and luxury shops bringing design and innovation from construction to integration in global network, intelligence advertising; Integration of tech solutions into retail industries for improving customer experience;
  • Start-Ups management: presence in 14 countries with evaluation of public/private/EU fund-raising possibilities, sales&marketing;
  • IT & high-tech: hardware/software business development, helping new challenging projects growth; smart- & innovation-cities solutions are an hot-topic with us.
  • Development of structures oriented to people care: together with top experts in children care and elder care;
  • Human resource: the right specialists, brokers or distributors for each kind of task;
  • Import Export: professional facilities, market research and export intelligence thank a team of certified traders;
  • Financial services: accounting, advise, analysis and business-plans, set-up, merge, acquisition, sales, real estate transactions;
  • Coaching & Sales training: improving skills and productivity of your company;
  • Free B2B services, business web-services, networking for Nordic/Baltic companies and members of B2BALTIC;

How much do the Partners cost, what for free, what due?

Janetschek & Partners takes seriously you and your business, involving selected professionals always, focusing on your targets, thinking social, doing fair. A yearly fix contribution fee will be calculated as well as a fair hour rate according to your need and success fees. Your contribution will be your co-investment, as well as Janetschek & Partners will invest on your product and certify your business to make it ready to work in the Nordic Baltic Business Community. Otherwise, if you don´t feel confident in social contributions or co-investments, Janetschek & Partners can still offer a free B2B networking for limited period of time. However, the free membership can´t find the solutions you are looking for. We recommend you to work closer with our professionals, to save energy-resources and time, either as certified trader, partner, corporate-mentor or authorized business supplier.

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