Tech for Retail. Analyze, Manage, Control.

Tech for Retail. Analyze, Manage, Control.

Baltica & Partners provides smart retailers with high-tech software and hardware products, to improve the general work they do with their customers. The key facts: customer´s satisfaction, planning, relationships, loyalty programs,  presentations and E-Commerce. Doesn´t matter whether you have a big street shop or an e-commerce online.

You are a street shop.

One of the biggest challenge is how to create loyalty in disloyal world.
We predicts your customers next purchases based on his/her past behavior and behavior of similar customers. Print coupons, coupons on receipts, push messages to mobile, emails, etc.

Or You are a e-commerce shop.

The system personalizes product recommendations in your webstore, email marketing including cart abandonment and behavioral targeting, mobile content and your private banners.


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