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Plus Customer Experience Improvement Solutions

in Shopping, Hospitality, People-Care

Tech for Retail. Analyze, Manage, Control.

Tech for Retail. Analyze, Manage, Control.

Baltica & Partners provides smart retailers with high-tech software and hardware products, to improve the general work they do with their customers. The key facts: customer´s satisfaction, planning, relationships, loyalty programs,  presentations and E-Commerce. Doesn´t matter whether you have a big street shop or an e-commerce online.

You are a street shop.

One of the biggest challenge is how to create loyalty in disloyal world.
We predicts your customers next purchases based on his/her past behavior and behavior of similar customers. Print coupons, coupons on receipts, push messages to mobile, emails, etc.

Or You are a e-commerce shop.

The system personalizes product recommendations in your webstore, email marketing including cart abandonment and behavioral targeting, mobile content and your private banners.


2D & 3D Digital Signage Glasses-free for your Show-Rooms

2D & 3D Digital Signage Glasses-free for your Show-Rooms

Time to change your customer interaction ability and customer´s experience inside your show-rooms. Baltica & Partners is hardware and solution provider in the digital signage industry 2D and 3D also involving main advertising networks and top players of the digital retail & advertising industry. We help our partners with content, best in class productions, software development and hardware so they can offer a complete solution to their customers.

Examples of Implementation for your business:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports and Hotels
  • Cinema lobbies
  • Animal and Amusement parks
  • Sports arenas
  • Any high traffic area.
  • Corporate building lobbies
  • Show rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibition halls/Trade shows
  • Retails stores


Improving the quality of life for families, elder, kids.

Improving the quality of life for families, elder, kids.

Janetschek & Partners (the Baltic group) works with international players in the people care sector, especially oriented to elder and kids care. We want to go on improving this sector and general quality, studying the actual conditions in different countries and contributing to increase the number of high-tech structures.

Since end of 2014 we are focusing on the Baltic Countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you feel motivated and want participate, we invite you to work with us inside B2Baltic Social and co-invest in social business development.

Janetschek & Partners also builds or renovates clinics, medical practices and hospitals in Europe. Ask us for references.

Your Partner in Development 4 core

1) Startups & Legal 

2) Importing & Exporting  smart products & mentors

3) redesigning commercial real estate

4) media broadcasting, TV & marketing

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